Petition Closed

The former H.W. Wilson employees and EBSCO Publishing have reached a conclusive agreement. The ruling of the Rights Commissioner is accepted by both parties, and EBSCO Publishing has also made a contribution to the costs incurred by the campaign. The former H.W. Wilson employees hereby end their campaign. Thank you for your support.

Letter to
CEO Tim Collins EBSCO Publishing
PR director, Ebsco Kathleen McEvoy
Ebsco's decision to ignore the recommendation of the Irish Labour Court shows a blatant disregard for workers' rights and for Ireland's legal institutions.

It is most unusual for any company that is not insolvent to make only the minimum payment allowed by Irish law, especially as sixty percent of the payment can be claimed back as a rebate from the Irish government.

In the interests of fairness and good will all around, I call on you to abide by the Irish Labour Court’s recommendation and issue the former employees of the H. W. Wilson Company a redundancy payment in line with industry norms.