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Wilmar Group and Kencana Agri of Indonesia: Palm oil.Back off Balikpapan Bay!


A biodiversity hotspot in Borneo which is already under attack by industrial activities is coming under further attack by two palm oil processing mills owned by Wilmar and Kencana Agri.Ltd.
Both companies are clearing forests in areas classified as protected forests.Home to orangutans and prosboscis monkeys, the rivers also provide much need food for local fishermen who depend on it for their livelihoods.

Letter to
Corporate Social Responsibility Simon Siburat,Wilmar Group
Kencana Agri
Back off Balikpapan Bay!

Wilmar and DKI, in support of the wildlife and local villagers, we demand that you back off protected forests in the Balikpapan Bay region and fix the damage that you have done! While we recognise that industrial development has to carry on, to build your palm oil processing mills in this area when there are viable alternative areas is nothing short of a crime against nature.
The local governments may have sold off its commitment to nature and biodiversity but as a responsible corporation, it is your duties to decline developments in areas that you know will impact the environment negatively.
This area is home to rehabilitated orangutans whose numbers have dropped significantly because of human activities. Your palm oil mills will undoubtedly add to the pollution of rivers that will impact the survival of the Irrawaddy dolphins and local fishermen are already feeling the impact of industrial plants in the area.
Preserve this biodiversity hotspot and back off Balikpapan Bay!

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