Common Sense Proposal to Change the Cricket Pitch Orientation at Northbridge Oval

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The synthetic surface at Northbridge oval is being resurfaced this spring and Northbridge FC has put forward a commonsense proposal to Willoughby Council to re-orientate the cricket wicket so that it runs along the center line of oval .

The reason for this is that Northbridge Oval is the only 1st class football field available for football in in the municipality and given that Northbridge FC are the primary user of the oval (7 days per week in winter and 5 days per week in summer) the re-orientation of the cricket wicket will improve our usage of the oval considerable and make it much safer to use in summer.

Cricket on the other hand are very well provided for 1st class ovals in the Municipality with Chatswood Oval, Willoughby Park, Beauchamp Park, Castle Cove and Gore Hill available for 1st grade competition.

We are asking cricket to adjust a bit at this single facility but believe our request is very reasonable. Please support your Club by signing our petition.