Willistown Township: Protect Our Small Farms

Willistown Township: Protect Our Small Farms

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Started by Wildflower Farm

Welcome to 2021. If you thought the world couldn't get any weirder, here's a quick update: Farming is now extremely controversial in Willistown Township. 

In May 2021, after years of hard work, the Heenan family opened their flower farm in Willistown Township's Rural Zoning District. This district is intended to facilitate farming operations. 

Sadly, they have faced ongoing harassment, hate mail, and repeated trespassing from an unpleasant group who intend to disrupt the viability of small farms in Willistown Township. They continue to waste countless taxpayer dollars in the process. These actions could change the very fabric of Willistown Township. 

We contend the following:

  • Small-scale, organic, sustainable farming practices should be celebrated in Willistown Township. Working farms should not be controversial in a zoning district intended for farming. 
  • The preservation of open space and agricultural architecture should be rewarded, not punished. 
  • Small farms provide an immense benefit to the community, to the ecology, and to our local economy.
  • Taxpayer dollars should not be used to litigate small farms out of existence.
  • Rural districts may not be used exclusively for residential housing; this behavior fails to protect the 4-acre minimum lot sizes that make up roughly 70% of Willistown Township.

Today, we ask you to show your support for small farms in Willistown Township by signing this petition.

In the upcoming election, please urge your preferred representatives to:

  • Keep small farms viable and to protect our agricultural zoning.
  • Limit any unnecessary waste of taxpayer dollars.

All press inquiries, please contact WildflowerFarmPA@gmail.com. 

1,760 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!