WJCC Students Deserve a High School Graduation

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It’s looking more and more like WJCC won’t be holding a traditional graduation for its high school students. Options like splitting students into small groups and having them walk over the course of several days as well as not having it at all are on the table. This shouldn’t be the reward for what 2020’s seniors as well as their parents have worked towards for years; not to mention their teachers who have dedicated countless hours in order to prepare students for receiving their diploma.

Graduation is an extremely important milestone in a high schooler’s life, marking a pivotal moment. Now, with students having not seen each other for months, it holds even more weight since it serves as the last time they’ll all be together before starting the next chapter of their lives.

So much has been missed already. Let's not let this opportunity slip by without at least letting the School Board know how we feel.

Let us finish this chapter. It’s only April, and a full and complete graduation can still be held safely before August.

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