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Pottery Barn: Please stop selling fake "Otomi embroidery" items, made in China.

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Dear Pottery Barn Chief Executives, Customers, General public.

We firmly and respectfully request Pottery Barn to stop the sale of Chinese-made items labeled as “Otomí embroidered”.  These fake otomi items are currently being sold at Pottery Barn stores and marketed as “Otomí”.  They are manufactured in China, not in the Otomi Region.

Unfortunately, the talented Otomí community has been a victim of plagiarism on countless occasions by large multinational corporations, and we seek to stop this injustice along with the unauthorized reproduction of their items.

We consider this to be an unfair trade practice. These items are being mass produced with synthetic materials.  An authentic hand embroidered Otomí duvet takes at least three months to complete.  It is a handmade, complex, and challenging process that requires unique no-stencil-drawings and embroideries that are time consuming.  As a result, entire communities and families survive and depend economically on the fair trade of these items.

Williams-Sonoma, Inc., its CEO LAURA J. ALBER, Pottery Barn Executives, all as a Company have always been distinguished for its social responsibility and social ethics and we strongly believe that they will respond kindly to this petition, for the benefit of the Otomí indigenous community.


Martha Aguilar #SociallyResponsible customers, Otomi families and friends, and other Arte otomi admirers.



A Pottery Barn, su Direccion, Altos Ejecutivos, publico en general y a quienes corresponda:

Exigimos firme pero respetuosamente, detener  la venta de producto imitación “Otomi” hecho en China. El producto que actualmente se exhibe en sus tiendas, en su catalogo de Verano 2016 y en su pagina de internet se promueve con denominación “Otomi”.

La talentosa comunidad indígena otomí, ha sido víctima de plagio en innumerables ocasiones por grandes corporaciones Internacionales y queremos detener que injustamente se les copian, o imitan sus diseños una vez mas. Mientras se imitan sus productos, se producen en China, en serie y con materiales sintéticos.

Apelamos a la buena voluntad de una empresa como Pottery Barn, quienes siempre se han distinguido por ser una compañía con prácticas socialmente responsables. Y confiamos en que atenderán esta respetuosa petición, en beneficio de la comunidad indígena Otomi.


 #PotteryBarn #FairTrade #Otomi #MadeInChina #HechoEnMexico #UnfairTrade #SociallyResponsible #Indigenous #Mexico #California 

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