Keep the Privacy in Water’s Edge

Keep the Privacy in Water’s Edge

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Brandon Morariu started this petition to Representative William Tres Devleopment and

William Tres Development plans to remove the thick mature trees along the dead-end of the trail on the border of Water’s Edge, just before the pond/common area in order to make way for new homes. This is part of “phase II.” This has also been confirmed with William Tres and the City of Westfield. This will cause many of the plots along the back of Hazy Falls Blvd to have a direct view of the other neighborhood / adjoining backyards just before the pond.

The natural ecosystem will also be destroyed. There are deer, foxes, rabbits, and many more animals that are in that area. It is thick, lush, and deep landscape. There is a creek that runs nearby as well. It is a beautiful serene area that houses many living creatures. This is something that needs to be preserved and maintained.

Desired Outcome:

1. William Tres- Preserve some of the significant trees within 10 feet along the property line between Gristmill Crossing and Water’s Edge (along Hazy Falls Blvd). Shift the required drainage easement and swale.

Note- Jesse Pohlman with William Tres stated:

9/7/19- Jesse reviewed with their builder and engineer, and will plan to review again when they move into construction plans for section two to further determine what they will be able to do with moving the drainage easement and which trees could potentially kept.

10/25/19- Their engineer is still working through the design with the intent of shifting the swale off the property line 10 feet. He will be meeting on-site 10/26 with their construction team to walk the property line again. They're preparing the site for grading and infrastructure, but the construction supervisor has been instructed today to avoid the property line until we have a chance to walk it again 10/26.

2. M/I and William Tres- plant more thick, mature trees and landscape as a barrier between Gristmill Crossing and Water’s Edge along Hazy Falls Blvd. Possibly even vinyl fencing.

3. M/I- if desired outcome #1 is not met, and all of the thick mature trees are removed, M/I to refund the lot premium charged to any plots affected by the removal of the trees.

Note: Plots along the tree line were charged a higher premium, and marketed to having a tree-lined view. This can be quantified beyond just lot size. The price changes from where trees start and stop. There should not be higher charge if there is no longer a view.

Note: M/I did not disclose to all lots on the back of Hazy Falls prior to purchase that the tree-lined view would be removed by the nearby developer.

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If you would also like to express your concerns:

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