City of Colton Warehouse Moratorium

City of Colton Warehouse Moratorium

June 8, 2021
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William R. Smith
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Started by Uniteforecolton

For years the city of Colton has been encroached by the goods movement industry. These industries tilt up warehouses in the manner of days and when in operation contribute to tons of air pollutants that worsen our smog problem in the community. In order to plan a city we can all breath cleanly at, it essential we pause any more development in this city. The jobs that these warehouses provide are often unsafe and provide unfair pay. If we believe in our city to do better, pausing the warehouse development in the city of Colton could save further land development from growing this industry that continues to pay little benefits to the community. 

Encroachment of warehousing in Colton has grown to a point of no boundaries. Not only has our air quality suffered, but we have new warehouses now off the Santa Ana River, a major watershed for the region. The river trails are also a place where the youth, seniors, individuals, and families come to recreate. We cannot let any more projects hurt our precious ecosystem services in Colton like the River.

By signing your name on this petition you expand a warehouse moratorium for up to 1-2 years in order for the planning department at the city to analyze the future of development for Colton. This analysis will help understand how many air pollution emissions have been saved from stopping warehouse growth, how we can preserve green space and grow our parks, and what opportunities are available in developed areas to build benefits to our community like health clinics, housing, centers, schools, etc. 

Dear Colton City Council: 

As a concerned resident and/or supporter of a warehouse moratorium, I please implore you to pass one. We cannot stand by after a 45 day period and do nothing. The city needs at least a 1-2 year pause on warehousing development in order to understand the impacts of this industry. Encroachment of warehousing has grown to a point of no return, to where we see sites being built next to the Santa River, near homes, community centers like places of worship, and schools. The traffic, air pollution impacts, and economic costs keep our communities with bad job quality, have done enough harm. 

I sign my name to this letter in order to urge you to pass a moratorium for at least 1-2 years. The result of this moratorium will allow for the city to properly plan  its future developments towards a beneficial future. We can build clinics, affordable multi-unit housing, schools, centers, and etc.  

Our land cannot be taken up for grabs by this industry that does not pay its full benefits to our community. 



This petition made change with 156 supporters!

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