Terminate Spanish River High School Principal William Latson

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April 2018 Spanish River High School Principal William Latson said that  "Can`t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event.  This is not only offensive to a lot of people but it crosses the line into a hate crime or an anti semitic incident that the palm beach school district should launch a proper investigation into the comment made by William Latson which failed to do so.   Palm Beach County School District needs to suspend him with out pay until a proper investigation is completed and add proper training for all school staff on how to teach about the Holocaust. PBCSD needs to terminate him for his comments.

I am pushing for a expansion of the Holocaust education program across the state of Florida, from more classes on the subject to additional training for teachers.

It is our job not only to stand up for the truth but also  be the voice of the victims that cannot speak on their own behalf.