The Students of William Floyd High School Condemn the Actions of Maverick Stow

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Maverick Stow’s egotistical spectacle does not get to speak for what student activism looks like at William Floyd. We condemn Stow’s actions and are embarrassed to be represented by him in any way. We do not believe that we should be deprived of our two days of in-person learning because of the actions of a single student.

Tuesday, September 8th was the first day of school for Group A students. Despite being a Group B student, Stow decided to attend anyway to protest New York State’s hybrid learning plan. He was suspended that day, and when he came back on Wednesday, September 9th, he was issued a warning by Suffolk County Police. When he refused to heed that warning on Thursday, September 10th, he was arrested for trespassing. 

This story, first reported on by ABC7 New York, has now gained national attention from articles published by Fox, Yahoo News, and MSN, portraying Maverick Stow as a martyr and “living up to his name.” What they don’t report on is that our school attempts to pack around 3,000 students into one building. Social distancing would be completely impossible if students were allowed to attend every day. To make matters worse, William Floyd is now threatening to revert to all virtual learning if Stow’s arrogant excuse for a protest persists.

William Floyd students would like to let the public know that Maverick Stow does not represent the rest of his peers. We are a headstrong and outspoken student body, but we are not entitled and obtuse. Stow is not a hero. He is not a person to rally behind. He does not represent activism at William Floyd.

What Stow is doing is irresponsible and selfish, not only for those that are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, but for all the students that can’t learn with an all virtual learning model. Last March, many students were made more anxious and fatigued due to the sudden, drastic shift to virtual learning. Stow purports to be an advocate for those students, but his actions have put those two days of in-person learning in jeopardy. None of us are happy with how this school year is turning out, but hybrid learning was a concession that would keep people healthy physically, as well as mentally, emotionally, and intellectually. We are happy to see our friends and to be able to get in-person help from our teachers. Maverick Stow plans to put that on the line in order to idiotically protest an institution that has no power over the current learning model in the first place. 

William Floyd is home to many student-led programs that are led by dedicated activists. For example, our award-winning Youth and Government program hosts discussions of the most important political issues of our time and is led by a committed student officer team. The Floyd chapter of Students for Climate Action has also worked tirelessly over the summer to contact state and local officials, as well as co-host an upcoming town hall. JROTC, FBLA, GSA, Interact, and Honor Society are only a few programs that are tirelessly organized by student leadership. We wish that these efforts in real student activism would be given as much publicity as Stow is now.


The students of William Floyd High School agree with Maverick Stow that he has inspired us to take action on our own. But unlike him, we refuse to put the health and safety of our loved ones at risk to make an idiotic mockery of student activism.