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Please enact "Kiya's Law" aka Puppy Doe. A law specifically aimed at "Battered Pet Syndrome".


Less than one month ago a severely beaten dog dubbed "Puppy Doe" was found near a state park in Quincy, Massachusetts. Massachusetts has animal cruelty laws, but none aimed at the level of cruelty that Kiya, and other animals face daily in homes around the U.S. Battered Pet Syndrome consists of getting and/or keeping an animal for the sole purpose of torture. Animal cruelty is rising, it is rising in the number of cases, and in brutality. Unless we hold these individuals to  harsher punishment nothing will change. 

Please do not let Kiya's life of hell, and death go unnoticed. To read about Kiya's story please click on the link below.


A Vigil for 'Puppy Doe' Is Being Held in Quincy credit: Karen Beaton 


Letter to
Massachusetts State House
Massachusetts Governor
Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts William F. Galvin
and 1 other
Bruce Ayers
Secretary Galvin please enact "Kiya's Law" aka Puppy Doe. A law specifically aimed at "Battered Pet Syndrome".
As I am sure you are aware of the recent discovery and death of the severely beaten, malnourished young dog found in August by one of the state parks. We are here to ask Massachusetts to please enact legislation that will hold individuals accountable that target innocent and vulnerable pets to sadistic cruelty known as Battered Pet Syndrome.
As if animal cruelty wasn't bad enough already, right? Well BPS is ! It is getting or keeping an animal for the reason to beat, starve, neglect, and sometimes kill.
With your help Mr. Galvin we start to put an end to this violent and escalating behavior. As we all know predators like this rarely stay "just abusing animals", they almost always move to humans as well.
Help us by enacting "Kiya's Law" so her life and death be not in vain, and to protect animals and society in the future.
Thank you for your time.

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