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Will medicine and science use cures that cannot be patented? Not without your help.

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Sign this petition to allow your doctor to cure diseases inappropriately classified as "incurable".

Hello, my name is David flowers. Sixteen years ago, I began using Alternative Medicine but came to the conclusion despite extreme effectiveness that everything about Alternative Medicine I had been practicing, was based solely on placebo. However, I did not let this hinder my practice .To the contrary; I used my new found understanding and logic to remove all products and gadgets from my practice. What I found was enlightening, as right away my results were either the same or better, without any medicaments, products or gadgets.

I then had the remarkable realization that we all have the capacity to not only control our own immune systems, but also the ability to control immunity in others! This may be a simple fact of life: to be able to take care of children and others, who cannot yet learn, or are not able, to control their own immunities.
What we need to recognize is that what has been called placebo has always been more effective than medicine. Placebo is the immune system in action. However without conscious control, placebo can vary in effectiveness, consistency, and often is only short lived.

However, after all these years working with immunity, I have perfected a method that is more effective than what scientist refer to as placebo. I have devised a system that is fully capable of curing any existing disease, even if medicine or science says it is incurable. When it comes to the human immune system, there is no such thing as incurable disease. The human immune system is so effective and consistent, that there may not be a single disease that cannot be cured in less than two weeks! This is how powerful and effective the immune system is when it is controlled.

I call this method: True Cures. True Cures is the act of communicating directly with the immune system to re-set and maintain a positive primary immune response, to counter the continued assaults our bodies experience daily to our physical, emotional, and environmental surroundings.

I have since devoted my life to educating others on how to take responsibility for their own lives with this method. I have been doing this free of charge, whether I aid a person to cure themselves, or teach groups of people how to control the immune system. This sixteen year road has been far from easy. It has been a long, combative struggle with many outright cures being overshadowed by doubt in what is perceived as impossible as well as unconventional. We are not taught that we can heal ourselves; we are entrenched with conventional and alternative therapies which all suggest that this ability to cure or heal is outside of ourselves. Compound this to the fact that the medical community and all powers-to-be do not support individuals handling their own cures and destiny--what profit is there in allowing people to be self-reliant? There is much money in patenting drugs and chemicals and then prescribing them to patients for the rest of the patient’s life. This is not a conspiracy, it is business and it is supply and demand. If no one is demanding a real cure, and if medicine is allowed to remain secretive, then there is simply no reason to change their business tactics to something less profitable.

This is where you come in. I can prove with the utmost consistency, that humans have the complete capacity to control their immune systems as well as those of others. What I do not have is a way to inform a large majority of the public. If you want this information to be out in the open for all to learn and benefit from, please sign this petition. By signing this petition, you are informing science, medicine, government and media that you would like True Cures to be researched in an open public setting, with complete documentation and without any secrets. You, as the public, must demand real cures, before they will be supplied. You must demand these groups to do what is right, instead of just what is profitable. Sign this to demand science and medicine do an authentic investigation into True Cures and when it proves to be a successful way to prevent and cure disease, let it be taught to the public, possibly in the public school setting. We need to demand that when found effective, the knowledge of how to use True Cures is easily accessible to the public.

The time has come for us to be able to take complete charge of our own health and lives. Please help get this information flowing.

Thank you for your time.

David Flowers


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