Will I not get a passport just because I am an orphan? Please Help!


Will I not get a passport just because I am an orphan? Please Help!

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Vishalmridul Mandal started this petition to Shri Dr S Jaishankar (Minister Of External Affairs) and

I lost my father when I was very young.

I have worked against all odds to complete my education, build a career,  but now I am fed up!

All that stands between me and my bright future..is a passport. Sign and share my petition so that my voice reaches the authorities and they take immediate action to sanction my passport. 

I was 8 years old, when I became an orphan. I lived at the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station and would go to PCI’s daycare center situated near the station. In 2004, I was sent to their children's home so that I would have a chance at a better future.

I moved from one institution to another, and somehow managed to complete my education. I even completed my vocational training at Prayas Children's Home Jahangirpuri. I soon turned 18 and it was now time for me to make it in this world on my own. 

In 2014, I got an opportunity to work in the laundry department of Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai, where I worked for 4 years, post which I worked as a pantry boy in Delhi's Taj Mahal Hotel and WLCI College.

Till then, all my certificates and identity proofs such as Aadhar card, voter ID card had the address of the organization I was living with. I came back to Delhi to get a passport made, but since I was 18, I could not use the organization's address as my permanent residence anymore. 

So I moved to my aunt's village in West Bengal. After changing the address details on all my address proofs, on 28 October 2020, I once again applied for a passport in Kolkata.

On November 12, two officials came to my aunt’s home for passport verification. I met with them, and also submitted a copy of all my identity cards. Since then I have just been waiting!

A  month later, on 9th December 2020 a person came to my aunt’s house, threatened my aunt and told her that Vishalmridul's passport cannot be made from here. 

As soon as I got this information, I sent out a letter to the Chief Passport Officer, the Ministry of Women and Child Development and other concerned departments with a query. I wanted an answer to why my passport was not being made. 

I want a passport so that I can go abroad and make a life for myself. With the support of my friends and the organizations I have been connected with, I could’ve easily gotten a job. I am also a very good dance artist! 

Due to lack of cooperation from the Government of West Bengal, now I have come to Delhi to get my passport, I am brought up in the Children's Home under the Delhi Government, Hope the Delhi Government and the Ministry of Home Affairs will cooperate with me in making my passport and you will convey my voice to them.

Passport application file number DL2066653584822 

Verification Done By Delhi Police 

Pending at RPO Delhi 

As a citizen of India, having an Indian passport is my right. Sign and share my petition and help me get one!


This petition made change with 31,530 supporters!

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