Our new animals need to be vaccinated, neutered and spayed! It’s essential!

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I recently acquired a beautiful 5 month old Ragdoll kitten and am unsure of its gender. I had a scheduled appointment with my vet in Brantford Ontario to have my kitten examined and vaccinated. My vet contacted me today to cancel my appointment because “THE MINISTRY” has deemed this service non essential. My kitty will need to be fixed in four weeks but this has also been deemed non essential. If it’s a female and I’m not permitted to fix her then she will go into heat which is very uncomfortable and painful for her. Not to mention if she happens to get out of my home she will become pregnant. How is that okay? If it’s a male it will most likely become aggressive and will start spraying all over my home which is not okay. Not to mention when an animal is in heat it wants to be outdoors. It is strongly recommended that my Ragdoll kitten be kept indoors because it will not defend itself against other animals. In a time when there are already too many stray cats roaming this city I find this decision made by the government to be absolutely cruel and inhumane. Our pets are people to. Please sign my petition today so our vets can do what they do best which is always essential. Thanks in advance