We Support the Eastridge Library

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When it became clear that the Eastridge branch of the Wilkinsburg Public Library was being "mothballed" there was an anguished public outcry. We are asking the Wilkinsburg Council to provide the funding the reopen the Eastridge branch and to more generally continue to fund the Wilkinsburg Public Library System.

We offer this petition as a sign of the community's support for our library system.

Public libraries level the playing field, providing equal access to information and creating equal opportunities to learn and grow. And access is not limited to physical buildings. Libraries play a critical role in building community by providing spaces for people to gather and interact. In an era when people are more isolated and divided than ever before, the role of a library becomes even more crucial.

Please add your support by signing, but even more crucially, by explaining why you want the Eastridge branch re-opened in your own words.

Our stories matter!

If you would like to join the Wilkinsburg Friends of the Library group, please email newborga@einetwork.net with the subject line "Friends of the Library".

Also, please plan to attend the Library Advisory Board Meeting via Zoom on January 19. http://wilkinsburglibrary.org/libraryboard  Please email newborga@einetwork.net for the link.

This is Democracy in Action! Our community only thrives when we are involved!