Support A Wilkesboro-North Wilkesboro Consolidation And Shared Services Study

Support A Wilkesboro-North Wilkesboro Consolidation And Shared Services Study

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Show your support for the creation of a Wilkesboro-North Wilkesboro Consolidation Joint Study Commission to investigate the potential of a city-city consolidation. 

A study of Wilkesboro-North Wilkesboro town consolidation has never been done, yet it is the only way to find out whether or not it would truly benefit our community.

Here are the specifics that each citizen should consider on how a consolidation of the towns might affect the towns and in turn their lives:

1. BETTER STRATEGIC PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE - One stronger, unified town would give us better vision and allow us to better plan for the future and help our community better deal with issues that we are facing. It would allow our community to better allocate its resources to help put us in a better position to do things that could create more jobs and stimulate our economy. It also would allow better planning when it comes to zoning, and eliminate divisive and detrimental rivalry between the towns.

2. MORE COST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT SERVICES - One stronger police department, one stronger fire department, one public works department, and one administration, etc., could potentially mean more efficient services, cost savings, possibly better fire insurance ratings, and better emergency response times. With cost savings there is even the potential to lower taxes or, at least slow their rise in the long run. It would also prevent government overlap, and because of economies of scale, might possibly reduce the cost of some town purchase expenses. Ask yourself, “Do we really need two elected boards to govern one community of less than 8,000 people?”.

3. BETTER POSITION TO MARKET OUR COMMUNITY – It would be much easier to strategically market one larger town to the outside world than it is to market two smaller towns.

Most people outside of our community don’t know that Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro are actually two different towns, much less the differences between the two. They don’t know where one town stops and another begins. They don’t know whether they are on Main Street Wilkesboro or Main Street North Wilkesboro. When the situation is explained to them, they often don’t understand why there are two towns instead of one.

Businesses, industries, and others looking at our area most likely would find one larger town of nearly 8,000 people more appealing than to smaller towns of 3,400 and 4,400 people. This could help us be more competitive in regards to bringing more employment, retail, and amennities to our area.

4. BETTER POSITION FOR GRANT MONEY – One town of nearly 8,000 could potentially garner more attention for state and other funding than two smaller towns whose close location and similar names can be confusing to people who live outside of Wilkes County. The voice of our community would be stronger when dealing with other entities if we were one town.

5. SMALLER GOVERNMENT - Having one governing board with less elected officials and no duplicate staff positions would reduce politics, bureaucracy, and the overall government footprint in our community.

6. REVIVE THE SPIRIT OF OUR COMMUNITY – Both towns have historically had strong spirits of civic pride and a project like this could bring excitement about our towns, from both inside and outside of our community, that has not been seen in our lifetimes.

North Carolina State Statutes 153A-401 through 405 under Article 20 give the authority to a municipality to form Consolidation and Governmental Study Commissions.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!