Stop Wilkes-Barre From Trapping & Euthanizing Cats

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Wilkes-Barre officials very proactively agreed to a TNR contract to control the feral/stray cat population. They have since reneged on the deal & plan to go back to trapping & carting the cats to the SPCA where they will be immediately euthanized due to over-population at the shelter. This doesn't just affect the feral populations...this includes friendly strays, indoor/outdoor pets, & indoor pets that accidentally get out if trapped. Tell Wilkes-Barre their methods will not be tolerated. TNR programs WORK if given the necessary time to do is not something that just fixes things overnight. In addition, rodent & other pest populations will skyrocket if their natural born hunters are made non-existent to keep their populations under control. Please help make them reconsider their actions!