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Reverse the unfair termination of Veritas' Contract

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Recently small business owner Sandor Dosman had his contract with the Graduate Student's Association abruptly terminated, allegedly over a single ad for new employees.  This response was seen by many to be disproportionate and unprofessional.  

We petition for a full and just review of this decision and a reversal if the decision is found to be unjust and disproportionate.  



Also included is an open letter by Byron Williston, a professor at Laurier:

Dear GSA,

I was extremely disappointed to learn that Café Veritas has suddenly been closed because you have terminated your contract with them. If the reason for your action is that you disapprove of the recent ad posted on FB by Veritas for new staff, then I am even more disappointed (if this is not the reason, read no further). I suppose it’s a sign of the times, especially on university campuses whose student bodies—undergraduate and graduate—seem to have been taken over by the terminally thin-skinned and self-righteous. Perhaps you should direct your moral outrage at some of the many real problems in the world rather than behaving like petty bullies. I’m an ethics professor, so my job involves, among other things, thinking about how we should weigh up the moral pros and cons of difficult moral decisions. On the charitable assumption that this was a difficult moral decision I have a hard time seeing how your action can be justified. I’m sure it makes all of you feel better, but you should not assume that your feelings of moral superiority are evidence that you have done the right thing. History is rife with well-meaning scoundrels. Instead, you should think (more precisely: should have thought) about how many people have been harmed by the decision, and in what ways they have been harmed. Many people on this campus depend on Veritas as a cozy, efficiently-run refuge, with great food and a wonderful vibe. And much of that vibe, it should be noted, seemed to be a product of the way the place was operated by Sandor Dosman. It reflected his personality and was cool as a result. So what of moral value has the contract termination produced? I can’t think of anything, but since you are evidently so morally wise perhaps you can enlighten me here. Or perhaps before acting on your deliberations you should think about running them by actual adults. That way we’d all be spared the negative outcomes that are, as in this case, usually produced when spoiled children are given too much freedom of choice.


Byron Williston
Associate Professor, Philosophy
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, ON, Canada


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