Bring Back Fer​.​al

Bring Back Fer​.​al

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Started by Lillyan Silver

WildWorks has always strived to be an environmentally friendly company, once stating in Jamaa Journal from Animal Jam that "Supercomputers, like the ones used to generate money called cryptocurrency, use a MASSIVE amount of energy each year! In fact, cryptocurrency uses more energy than many entire countries, making for a huge environmental impact! The more electricity they use, the more pollution they generate." It goes without saying that the company would be very against NFTs. However, recently, the company has turned around on this statement and shut down the game in favor of an NFT-based game "in the Solana blockchain" called Cinder. Fans are furious.

Here are some comments from a YouTube video by user Kek on the shutdown of and creation of Cinder:

“We appreciate that you poured time and money into unknowingly testing an NFT game called cinder that contradicts this company’s previous values.” -Wyvern0ne

"It kinda felt like they were unsure if Cinder would immediately sell or not. All the fae sold in less than 24 hours. I'm guessing Wildworks got a bit of a rush from that and said "WELP! DON'T NEED FERAL ANYMORE!" Oh well. May their want for money eat them alive." -Amina

"I hope hackers hack cinder and take the nfts out of the accounts, considering how easy that would probably be." -Zixea

"Wow. This is disappointing. I remember asking my mom if I could sign up for beta testing. I was so excited for that opportunity to beta test a game. It was so full of potential. When watching yours [Kek] and Neonvisions leak videos and being so pumped. My friend and I would play so often and use it to communicate when I wasn’t able to text. I have so many good memories. Although it did get repetitive, I assumed that new features would be added soon. What a shame that they didn’t. I hope this game goes the club penguin route and gets rewritten with new stuff." -Brambleheart

"I hate the hypocrisy that just oozes from Wild Works, they literally tell us “feral will be separate from cinder” and then they literally shut down feral. It’s so sick how they advertised feral as a game for teens who grew out of animal jam and then do a complete 180 and take our money and pump it into a freaking nft project. This is just disgusting, how could you profit off of minors and young adults, turn your back on the fan base you created, pull the plug on your game, just to turn it into a crappy nft game. It’s so freaking disgusting that they act like they’re the victim, begging us to not be mean in their comment section when we have the right to be furious! They lied to us, every single one of us." -Drowzy

"This is why I have 0% respect for WildWorks and Fe.ral was my favorite game :(" -GalaxyFoxStudios

I myself have been with from basically the beginning, but I had no idea the game was shutting down until it was too late. WildWorks needs to bring back for everyone that has been hurt by the very existence of Cinder

222 have signed. Let’s get to 500!