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Wildlife Emergency - Protect Our Breeding Site!

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Wildlife Emergency - Greencastle, Co Down is a small hamlet of 70 houses that rests on a mile long peninsula at the mouth of Carlingford Lough. Green Island sits 200m from the shore when the tide is out. It boasts many designations such as AONB, ASSI, SSSI, OPSAR, RAMSAR and SPA because of its wondrous portfolio of wildlife.  In June 2015 the Council approved  a new pier construction in Greencastle, Co Down for a car ferry crossing. 25 conditions were stipulated at that time to protect residents and wildlife. Since then, six of these 25 have been applied for to be amended/rescinded. One of these conditions was…         “No pile driving works shall take place between APRIL and OCTOBER.           Reason: To avoid seal disturbance and protected bird species.” Today, we need to ensure the safety of our mammals and birds because the Applicant has applied for a change to this condition to allow them to pile drive in APRIL. Pile-driving in April will interfere with the breeding season. This petition aims to reject this application and stop this from happening. What is at stake? Terns and Seals who return to Green Island (200m from the proposed construction site in Greencastle) every year to breed: TERNS (protected species) ·Green Island is home to very rare birds ie Arctic, Roseate and Sandwich Terns which account for 10% of all of Ireland’s tern population. ·Terns return annually to Green Island and their numbers are increasing year after year because of this unspoilt environment ·Terns breed between April/May and October and start to build their nests in March/April ·Terns usually feed in the waters of the proposed pile driving and will have to travel further distances… hence ·Terns will leave the Island and the therefore the whole Lough SEALS (protected species) ·All mammals are susceptible to noise pollution where it can harm or even kill them ·Common (Harbour)and Grey Seals are swimming in these waters in April looking for fish to eat, both are protected  species ·Seals will die or become disoriented and leave the only breeding area in the Lough ·Seals return every year to breed on Green Island and the numbers have been growing, again due to the natural habitat that Greencastle offers · Help us keep our Seals safe around Green Island  Please sign this petition to save our wildlife and make sure that we stand and be counted to protect it for our many generations to enjoy in the future.  Thank you

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