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Since November 2017, the US decision to reverse ban on bringing elephant-hunting trophies back from Zimbabwe and Zambia has been put on hold pending further review. The earlier decision to remove restrictions on importing African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia was halted due to public outrage.

Zambia and Zimbabwe have had mixed success in recent years maintaining or increasing their elephant population.Because African elephants are listed as threatened on the Endangered Species Act, the law requires that import of any elephant or elephant parts must somehow contribute to their conservation in the wild. There were—and remain—serious concerns about whether proceeds from elephant hunts in Zimbabwe and Zambia actually go to conserving and protecting the species, as big-game hunters claim.

But elephant populations in Zimbabwe have declined 11 percent since 2005, and as much as 74 percent in some parts of the country, in large part because of poaching for ivory. Zambia has seen smaller declines, but poaching remains a problem there as well (Nat Geo, Nov 17 2017). 

There are arguments that trophy hunters fees will bring economical incentives to the local community to protect their endangered species BUT IF THEY ARE BEING KILLED FOR SPORT AND THEIR POPULATION IS SHRINKING WHO IS THAT "MONEY' GOING TO BE USED FOR?

We have to keep the pressure to make sure that the ban will NEVER be reversed. Please sign the petition and let us protect our elephants.

Photo credit: 4 Photography Life, copyright Colleen Hogg.


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