Wipe Small Tribes PC - Ark: Survival Evolved

Wipe Small Tribes PC - Ark: Survival Evolved

August 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Wipe Small Tribes!

For years now, the community has tried to convince the devs over at Wildcard, to wipe the Official PC Small Tribe servers. So now, why don't we make an official petition to do so?

Why Should Small Tribes wipe?

To put it simply, it has gotten boring for the majority of people who play. On top of that, the lines have gotten really out of hand, alpha tribes are so strong they never die, new players can't play anymore due to how overpowered all the gear is, and there's still a lot of duped gear/bases/tames out there. To the point where I have not met a single tribe, big or small, who doesn't want the servers wiped.

So Wildcard, if you're reading this. Let's chat, maybe contact me over on discord and have an interview. Talk to us on why you don't want to wipe the servers, even when the community wants it.


  1. The player base will get bigger, and gain even more hype.
  2. More creators will return to the game and produce even more content
  3. Due to the returning player base, and creators. More people will purchase the game and DLC's, meaning there will be more hype for Genesis 2.
  4. You'll give the players what they've asked for, for years. Showing that you're listening to them, and wanting to improve the game
  5. All the new players coming from Epic Games will have a fair chance to catch up and compete with the Steam players.


  1. Some of Alpha tribes will get upset, and possibly take a break/quit the game. However, the playback is very dedicated to the game, and the majority will stick around.
  2. Servers will be more crowded, causing more lag than usual.
  3. Cheaters will be more active during the first couple of weeks, meaning there would need to be more active enforcement for some time. But, it is also an opportunity to catch said players/tribes and figure out the methods to be patched.

Why only PC servers? As of right now, console servers still have many underlying issues. Such as major meshing and duping. Whereas PC, for the most part, has these things under control (as of right now). If/when the console servers have these things patched, there could be an argument to wipe them. However until that point, the community doesn't seem to want a wipe on console.

If you have anything to add to either the pros or the cons, feel free to contact me and let me know.

Contact me on discord: GreenMohawk#0001

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Signatures: 1,572Next Goal: 2,500
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