Stop Abuse of Power on Wikipedia

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We all know Wikipedia, a free online encyclopedia that anybody can contribute to.  In 2001, Wikipedia has been widely trusted and appreciated.  Back then, everything was perfectly normal and welcoming, but nearing 2015, it turned into a completely unwelcoming, unreliable, and narcissistic community.

According to several others,  not only was a lot of the information displayed on Wikipedia false, but a lot have shared complaints about "democracy" in Wikipedia, many of the complaints being about administrators and their abusive power.

Administrators are supposed to be welcoming, friendly, and helpful.  Despite this idea, a lot of them have been abusing their power and (a majority of them) have been leaving tasteless comments on users' talk pages.  Some people even complain that they get blocked off and get their edits deleted by admins who either don't like them or just refuse to talk about it.  That's what talk pages are for, but obviously, it's being completely ignored now.

In addition, some admins have been making massive unnecessary changes, a user makes ONE revert, and they get chewed out and get nominated for a block.  A lot of admins sometimes even lie about things that a user "does", and a majority of the time, a user can't defend themselves and admins get away with it.

There should be massive changes to Wikipedia including an oath promising to show good conduct and partake a needed democracy on the website, a place where you can file complaints should any rules be broken, mandatory discussions within articles that have several disputes and arguments, holding public nominations, just like a court would, with a lot of members, regardless of their position, to make decisions that need to be called on or even things to enhance the site, and many more to make Wikipedia what once was a good community, if not, even better!