Remove suicide from Wikipedia of SSR

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Wikipedia information was changed multiple times after his sad demise. The reason of death is still under investigation so how can it be updated as suicide within few minutes of his death news story release on Indian media. There was no suicide note found and no one had seen him hanging from the fan. The entire world  is protesting for Justice for SSR and now even team of doctors from AIIMS has recommended investigation from murder angle. His family suspects murder. His fans are repeatedly protesting that it’s a murder. Until investigation is completed the reason for death should be either updated as under investigation or unknown but not suicide when it’s not the case. Kindly remove the suicide by hanging in Sushant Singh Rajput’s Wikipedia. Someone has edited his height and education also. Please preserve his information that was provided by him when he was alive. Please revert back all the changes made to his Wikipedia this year. It has been all done after his death and under some conspiracy. Let investigation decide the truth. Reverse the changes done to his account and remove suicide from his Wikipedia. World is protesting for justice for SSR and his case is still under investigation.