Place a Warning Label on Wikipedia, Disclosing that it is NOT a Real Encyclopedia

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Place a Warning Label on Wikipedia, Disclosing that it is NOT a Real Encyclopedia

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iNLP Center started this petition to Wikipedia (Josve05a) and

Wikipedia promotes itself as an encyclopedia, with the stated goal of replacing Encyclopedia Britannica.

While this ambition is a noble one, the facts tell a different story.

Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia by any standard. The content on the Wikipedia domain should be regarded as subject to anonymous user bias, inaccuracy, fraud and a host of other concerns.

Wikipedia does not openly disclose its vulnerability to fraudulent information. Rather, Wikipedia's editorial policy states the opposite, that editors are neutral and unbiased.

Unwitting users are therefore inclined to believe what they read on Wikipedia to be true. This problem is exacerbated by Wikipedia's high search engine authority. Many people believe that the top search engine positions correspond to highly credible sources. The truth is that search engine rankings have nothing to do with credibility.

Worse, Wikipedia has a history of hiding its bias, bullying junior editors who want to post legitimate citations that go against Wikipedia's agenda.

Here Are 8 Reasons To Sign This Petition

1) Wikipedia claims to be run by "volunteers" but is actually edited by corporate-paid trolls on many topics such as GMOs, vaccines, chemotherapy and pharmaceuticals.

See the evidence in this newly proposed KickStarter book.

Read more on paid editors here:

2) Before launching Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales ran a porn site network called "Bomis" that featured "Bomis Babes."

3) Jimmy Wales broke up with his girlfriend by posting a message on Wikipedia.

Is this encyclopedic?

5) According to a former contributing editor to WIRED Magazine, Jimmy Wales traded Wikipedia edits for sex.

Read more here:

6) Wikipedia co-founders have a history of distributing child porn.

"The parent company of Wikipedia is knowingly distributing child pornography," said Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia.

7) Jimmy Wales openly despises natural medicine and the healing arts.

Wikipedia deliberately allows corporate-funded Wikipedia editors to disparage authors, naturopaths, doctors and practitioners who help people heal.

Again, see KickStarter for these facts.

Read a detailed analysis of Wikipedia's unfair attacks here and here.

8) Six in ten Wikipedia articles contain factual errors.

Read more on "Iffy-pedia" at the Daily Mail.

To protect readers, we want Jimmy Wales and Wikipedia to simply admit the truth by placing a domain-wide warning label in plain view.

Proposed Warning Label

WARNING: This website is not a legitimate encyclopedia. The information on this site was posted by anonymous users and is subject to bias, misrepresentation, vandalism, unfair influence by special interests, deliberate omission and inaccuracy.

This is the morally decent thing to do. If you agree, please sign this petition!

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This petition had 1,030 supporters

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