Stop Wikia/FANDOM from changing the URL

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Recently, FANDOM staff explained that the URL would be changing across the platform from [wikiname] to [wikiname] This is bad for several reasons:

  • It makes an encyclopedic website look more like a fansite
  • Not all wikis on there are fandoms (example, would you want to go to
  • Larger wikis will begin to leave due to the lack of flexability (and some wikis are already doing this)
  • "Fandom" is a broad term, whereas wiki (or wikia) is strictly for encyclopedic content
  • Bringing the wrong audience - a wave of viewers as opposed to editors
  • ..Among other things. 

Now, not everything about this change is bad, however, it is enough to yield some red flags. If we can get enough people together to sign, maybe Staff will change their minds?