Fire Mrs. Meharg

Fire Mrs. Meharg

November 3, 2020
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Wicklund Elementary School
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Why this petition matters

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As a teacher, they are responsible for the education of their students. They are required to teach kids on the main topics, (ex. math and science) and to explain everything about them. This is not the case with Mrs. Meharg. It hasn't been a year, and she failed to keep those promises. And I will explain why.

The Problems:


Mrs. Meharg hasn't been teaching her students properly. We all know we have to listen to teachers and engulf the information given. She hasn't been doing that. For math, the only thing students were doing is staring at a video for the 1st half and staying in breakout rooms for the second half, without any vocal explanations or any other pieces of information. She only talks for about 20 seconds without any useful information and proceeding to unpause the video. This is not a very efficient way of teaching students, as it could bore the students, and having them wander off and not listen. It would be better if she would explain it more and try to simplify it a bit. This is about the same case as science. We do something and stay in the breakout rooms for the entire class period. I believe she can teach her students better than that.


If bad and inefficient teaching wasn't bad enough, oh boy grading is much worse. Mrs. Meharg has also been known for making BS excuses for not grading work, for example, "I don't feel like grading things that are late." She had once made a statement that the 0s in the student's grades are not permanent, yet she is refusing to grade them. I noticed that one of my test scores were very low, despite many efforts put into it. I sent an email to her thinking there will be a response yet hadn't got one until multiple people sent one. It shouldn't take more than 1 person just to fix a grade. Also, she even blames the district for the grades EVEN THOUGH SHE IS THE ONE GRADING EVERYTHING!

Ridiculous rules:

Her rules aren't any better. One of her terrible rules is that people can't have their camera off during class, and are forcing people to turn it on. This is a privacy violation because if they say no to turning their camera on, they don't have to turn it on. We're speaking about a grown adult saying this stuff to minors. Doesn't that sound suspicious? Her excuse for that is because "The district is concerned about people using other names" or something. Well, if that person using someone else's name is doing something bad, THEN it's bad. It could be the real person with their camera off. If she is really concerned about that, what's the point of role call? You have your students turn their mics on, and say here, and when they say "here", zoom puts their screen on the front so it can show who is talking. What she could've done is that if she noticed someone changing their name, they have to call out that person and have them say "are you really them" or something. She loves to pull the district card so that she can make her already horrible sounding stuff good. 

Overall, having Mrs. Meharg as a teacher has been a disaster. A lot of my friends didn't like her for two major reasons, teaching, and grading. If she really wants to teach, she has WAY too many things to improve upon. Because of this, I don't think she is qualified to teach as a sub, never ever she will be a real teacher. If you agree with everything I stated, please take the time to sign this petition. Thank you.

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Signatures: 6Next Goal: 10
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