Lie detector tests for Jonathan Hernandez and Emily Glass

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Lucas Hernandez, a 5 year old from Wichita, Kansas, went missing from his home on Sat., February 17th, 2018 while under the care of his stepmother, Emily Glass. Glass stated that she showered and took a nap prior to Lucas’ disappearance. He was later reported missing at 6:15pm. Police had canines come out to sniff the house and neighborhood, but were unable to locate Lucas. They also went door to door asking to search neighbor’s homes, but they were unsuccessful. During the investigation, law enforcement officers say that a tip had come in which had prompted them to search Chisholm Creek Park, which is 5 miles away from his home. Again, Lucas was not found. Then, three days after Lucas was reported missing, Emily Glass was arrested and charged with two counts of endangering a child. Law enforcement had also turned the investigation over from a missing persons case to a criminal investigation.

Pictures of Lucas have also been circulating because he is seen with multiple bruises and scratches on his face and arms. Some family members also came forward stating that Lucas was being abused by his stepmother and neighborhood kids have also said that he did not want to go home because he was scared. Multiple reports of child abuse had also been reported to CPS, but no action was taken. Not only that, but Glass has been abusive to her boyfriend, Jonathan Hernandez, in the past as well and does not have custody of her two sons. 

There is not an accurate time when Lucas was last seen by someone other than his stepmother. Reports say that they moved into their home on February 7th, but a neighbor last saw Lucas around the 10th-12th of February. Some even say that Emily had been seen digging in the garden and smoking a cigarette with an unknown man that same week, but no sign of Lucas. Reporters also say that he had been pulled out of school for strep throat prior to his disappearance. 

Wichita Police Department organized a second grid search of Chisholm Creek Park, but have since said that their search was unsuccessful. 

No new tips or updates have been provided to the public as of February 25th, 2018. 

Emily or Jonathan may or may not have known what happened to Lucas. However, I think we could narrow a lot of things down if they were to take a lie detector test.