Allow Public to Help Save Animals at Wichita Animal Shelter

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This petition seeks to appeal to the Wichita City Council and Wichita Animal Control Board members to reverse an arbitrary decision that was issued on Aug. 12, 2016, with no notice at the Wichita Animal Control Shelter, which denies the animals a critical  chance to find safety--volunteers taking pictures and networking them through social media.

The little Terrier Mix in the picture was evaluated as not an adoption candidate for the Kansas Humane Society due to skin condition and being fearful. Networking brought this little guy's situation to public attention and helped him find rescue and leave the shelter alive.

In a sudden reversal of allowing the public and volunteers to take pictures and video of animals in the kennels and on death row at the Wichita Animal Shelter, volunteers have been told that they can no longer engage in this life saving activity. This became known when two volunteers arrived at Wichita Animal Control with the purpose of photographing dogs at risk and were told they could no longer take pictures. Often, death row animals have minor to serious illness or injury and need medical attention which disqualifies them as adoption candidates at the Kansas Humane Society. When area rescues are full, networking through photos helps bring them to the attention of individuals who could adopt and rescues that can take them.

Animals who are fearful are considered bite risks and also are placed in danger if they don't pass SAFER testing, with some not evaluated at all because they will stay to the back of the kennel. Those who work in rescue know that animals in shelters are scared and will often react in ways they would not normally since there is no option for flight. Photos and networking bring these dogs and cats to the attention of the public and rescues to give them one last chance before they are euthanized. While we recognize this then increases calls and inquiries to Wichita Animal Control, it has enabled many animals to leave the shelter alive with rescues or adopters.

Shelters across our country have individual volunteers and rescue organizations who network animals, especially those in danger of euthanasia or need medical attention that animal control shelters typically do not provide. This final chance for these animals to find safety is being denied to the dogs, cats and other small animals that find themselves in the Wichita Animal Control Shelter. Join rescues and animal-loving citizens in Wichita, KS and the surrounding area in this effort. A contingency of citizens will attend the Wichita Animal Control Board meeting Aug. 17 so time is of the essence to gather as many signatures and comments as we can in a show of support from the community.

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