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Why isn't there a Chronic Pain Hotline?

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I tried to decide what I could write to tell you about the reason there needs to be a Chronic Pain Hotline due to the amount of Physical Pain sufferers and my urge was to fill you with lots of statistics and facts about it. It seems better to be more personal about it.

If you do a search for Hotlines, you'll find lines for things I never even thought to make hotlines for. You'll even find links that say they are Pain Hotlines but none of them are. It's like they knew if they labeled it that they'd get you to click the link. So an actual Pain Hotline with volunteers to help, doesn't exist.

As a chronic pain sufferer there have been a few times when my headaches have been so bad that I needed to reach out for help. Someone to just help me breath and calm down, lower the panic level. An estimated 76.5 million Americans report that they have had a problem with pain of any sort that persisted for more than 24 hours in duration. And that is only Americans.

You see...when your pain reaches anywhere from an 8-10 (10 being the worst pain you've felt in your life) you start to panic. You start to cry and that only makes it worse. And yes, some people even consider suicide if it happens often enough.

You might think that calling a Crisis Hotline or a Depression Hotline would be helpful. After all, too much pain causes depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, hopelessness, and so much more. And while it's a nice idea to have those volunteers there to help try and understand you, or to recommend someplace that can...it becomes a little frustrating because it's very hard for people to understand how to help people in pain. We need to be calmed down, helped to relax, then maybe some ways to go from there. Most doctors don't even know what to for you except tell you to go to the Emergency Room if you are in that much pain. Have you ever sat in a crowded waiting room for six hours hoping the world would end, the lights would go out and the sound would just...stop?

However, there is one proven method that has helped people calm down from those 8-10's. It hasn't stopped the pain, but it HAS stopped the pain from getting worse due to crying, helping to lower the threshold number, etc. And that is a type of Guided Meditation, a quick method to help someone relax. You can calm someone down in as little as 5-10 minutes just by talking to them and helping them breath.

Guided Meditation videos and recordings have gotten me through most of my headaches when they start to get bad. But when a person is in the middle of an 8-10 their brain begins to stop being rational and the panic sets in. Only a live person can talk you through calming down because they can respond where a recording can not. Luckily, I have had several people who were able to do this for me as I have been able to do for other people. But we aren't always there.

I am asking that you sign this petition to not only create a Pain Hotline but to help teach some of it's volunteers how to talk someone down from a ledge with the possible use of Guided Meditation and other easy techniques when the pain gets too severe.

My goal is to reach out to Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, and Jensen Ackles because they have already managed to create a hotline center and staffed it with volunteers.I'll be contacting Random Acts of Kindness as well. If I can get this in front of them, it's my hope that adding a third line would not be quite so difficult. I also wish to get the other Supernatural Cast members involved who also support important charities through the use of raising funds from Creation Stands website. I know with the help of the #SPNFamily, #AKF, other chronic pain sufferers and family members and you, this can be done!  

I appreciate you reading this and your help to make this possible. Please share, tweet, facebook or email this link to any of your friends or click on the links and let all the people I've petitioned know that you support this cause so this can happen.