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Why is Taco Bell supporting SeaWorld animal abuse?

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As a Penn State student, Taco Bell is located in the heart of our college town.  It’s always my latenight recommendation when looking for a yummy quick option, since it’s open till 3am.  After learning of Taco Bell’s promotion of discounted tickets to SeaWorld, I decided it no longer will be my night time restaurant recommendation. And I’m going to spread the word to as many friends as I can to tell them to reconsider going to Taco Bell, until they stop promoting SeaWorld.

What’s wrong with SeaWorld? SeaWorld keeps dolphins and orcas captive in an environment resembling nothing near their natural environment. While in captivity, the lifespan of these intelligent creatures is shortened, and they live in stress to perform tricks that are unnatural to them. The conditions are so dangerous to people that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration says SeaWorld cannot have trainers in the water with orcas anymore.

The documentary Blackfish exposed me to SeaWorld’s horrifying practices towards animals. When I learned of the mistreatment of orcas by SeaWorld, I showed the film to friends on campus and wrote letters to SeaWorld board members requesting that they end their cruel practices.  I was saddened of their terrible treatment of animals, and wanted to do everything I could to stop their practices. But I was even more appalled to learn that Taco Bell is promoting SeaWorld.

‘Yo Quiero’ Taco Bell to stop promoting SeaWorld.  I’m changing my late night restaurant recommendation to avoid Taco Bell until they end their ties with SeaWorld.  And I’m going to tell as many Taco Bell customers to spread the word to avoid going there as well. You can help end the captivity of animals at SeaWorld by sharing this with your friends.

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