Why don’t we come to Spain

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Hello we wanted to tell you how we feel the limelights of Spain , France and the others countries , we feel rejected to see the dates of they cities . Europe and see what we are neither we feel devastated to know that you put more dates in the UK and none here and this is not fair. When they  said  that we don’t get  more dates because you we not have time and now that we come and get more dates because we sincerely think that you do not want to come to Spain we do not care about the limelights of Spain.

I know that Spain or Frances or Italy or others countries  will not come for what I'm seeing, we'll have to wait a year for you to come. I tell you that here in Spain and others countries  are a lot of limelights . I think I speak for all Spanish limelights as well as French and Italian, we are disappointed to know that you do not come.