Why Don't We Bring Back Mashups to Instagram!

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On May 28, 2018, a manband called Why Don’t We had posted a mashup on their Instagram. What fans didn’t know, was that it would be the last one to be posted by the band on Instagram. Which is also a little misleading because in the caption it said “Comment words below for the next mashup!” There was no next mashup and over a year has passed.

Some may call this petition controversial because Why Don’t We does indeed perform a mashup during their concerts. But it’s the same mashup they’ve been performing for months and so many Limelights out there don’t even have a chance to go to one of their concerts.

That’s why I strongly believe that mashups need to be brought back to their home, Instagram. Now here are a few reasons why...

1) It was a great way to show off Why Don’t We’s singing skills, such as their harmonization and rapping.

2) It allowed them to get creative by thinking of songs based off a certain word and how to mash the songs together.

3) It allowed them interaction with fans since the fans would be choosing the words that inspires each mashup.

4) It allowed them to be acoustic with it, and for us to see Daniel and even one time Corbyn play the guitar!

5) The mashups have gained over 33.2 MILLION VIEWS on their Instagram! Meaning it may help them gain more fans who are yet to discover them!

I hope y’all found a reason to sign this petition and support it! Help bring back mashups and spread the word with fellow Limelights!


Also don’t take this too seriously and please don’t get too offended by any of this! I know Why Don’t We is always crazy busy but maybe they can work something out for the fans!