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Why are we spending US tax dollars to incarcerate convicted immigrants? Deport them & save billions

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The US Economy is in a slump, yet we spend on average $95 a day, about $34000 a year, PER INMATE, to detain, feed, clothe and medicate inmates who are legal and illegal immigrants to the US and have been convicted of non violent crimes. The US has the HIGHEST documented case of incarceration in the world. Can you imagine the millions, the BILLIONS we are spending each year? 

These immigrants end up being deported anyway at the end of their sentence, but after we have spent a whopping 34K per year on them. We need to speed up this process and deport them back to the country from which they came.  You may say, "they committed the crime in the US, they must be punished in the US". But we have to take a look at the cost of this. It's tremendous! Now, for convicted criminals of heinous crimes, such as rape, murder, terrorism, etc, I feel the criminal should spend their sentence in the US so we are certain that proper justice was served, but what is the point in spending all of this tax money on a person from Mexico or Canada or some place overseas who got caught with some marijuana?

There are families in the US whose combined annual household income is not even 34K a year. We need to save the expenditure on these immigrants, deport them upon conviction and help our own underprivileged US families thrive through increased public assistance programs and improved education and health care reform. 

You might ask, what is the deterrent to keep immigrants from coming to the US and committing crimes if they won't spend any time in US prisons? Deny them entry into the US for the rest of their lives, deny their spouses and children the ability to immigrate here for health care or education. And if the deportee returns to the USA and is caught, the immigrant should serve their original sentence plus prison time for any new criminal offenses.They should also be subject to a separate conviction for returning after being deported.

This all makes perfect sense to me. I hope it makes sense to you too. Please, let's start putting our tax dollars to better use.


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