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Who's Funding Anti-Worker Attacks In Ohio?


The group Building a Better Ohio might sound innocuous, but they're spending millions of dollars to spread lies and distortions in support of an anti-worker referendum that will be on the ballot this November. And because the group is funded by anonymous donors, we don't know who's behind it.

Issue 2, which reached the ballot after more than 1.3 million angry Ohioans signed petitions, would overturn Senate Bill 5 -- an unfair and unsafe piece of legislation rammed through the legislature in March that strips hard-working middle class citizens of a voice in their workplace.

The bill is flawed and out of touch with Ohio values. It will do nothing to get Ohio working again.

With these negative consequences for the middle class -- coupled with Karl Rove's recent statement that these anonymous donors will spend $250 million by the end of next year -- it's no wonder then that these right-wing, out-of-state donors don't want to be revealed.

Sign the petition below if you feel Building A Better Ohio should reveal who is paying for these ads attacking hard-working Ohioans.

Millions of dollars are being spent on a smear machine hell-bent on blaming hard-working Ohioans for an economic crisis not of their making.

The voters of Ohio -- while deciding on which side of Issue 2 they will fall -- need to know who is funding the distortions Building A Better Ohio is running on their television sets.

They deserve to see the list of corporate-backed allies supporting this anti-worker referendum as they make their decision on November 8th.

The very integrity of our democracy relies on such principles of transparency.