Bunny rabbits are one of the most popular household pets in America. They are loving just like dogs and cats who bond with humans and their mates for life! Rabbits have individual personalities, show affection and want to be a part of the family. Yet Whole Foods is now taking steps to popularize consumption of dead rabbits by selling their meat in a pilot program. If it's a success, this will open the door to so many more slaughtered bunnies.

This is important to me because I am involved with a lot of rabbit rescue work. But there are so many people like me who love Whole Foods, and feel betrayed that they are going down this upsetting path of slaughtering animals who are also popular household pets!

While Whole Foods has claimed consumers are asking for rabbit meat, they aren't willing to offer proof of that, and in fact many stores are telling me the meat isn't selling. Some have even stopped selling it already! Your signature on my petition will show Whole Foods that real customers and potential customers are publicly opposed to them selling meat from bunnies.

New Zealand rabbits are some of the most affectionate and sweet rabbits when they are in a safe & loving environment. They are known as "the golden retriever of the rabbit breeds." Proudly Whole Foods Market states that this breed is known for their "good mothering abilities."

According to Whole Foods' own documents say it's acceptable that the rabbits sold may be artificially inseminated, transported up to 8 hours at a time, allowed to be starved for up to 12 hours before slaughter, and then you can imagine what a gruesome and cruel scene it is to kill these wonderful animals. Whole Foods claims the suppliers use a "non-penetrating bolt gun" to the head before hanging each individual to bleed out.

Please sign this petition and let Whole Foods Market know that you do not support the sale of rabbit meat in their stores!

Letter to
Co-Chief Executive Officer Walter Robb
Co-Chief Executive Officer John Mackey
President, Northern California Region Rob Twyman
and 11 others
Meat Coordinator, Northern California Region Dan Neuerburg
President, Mid-Atlantic Region Scott Allshouse
President, Midwest Region Michael Bashaw
President, Southern Pacific Region Patrick Bradley
President, North Atlantic Region Laura Derba
President, Southwest Region Mark Dixon
President, South Region Omar Gaye
President, Rocky Mountain Region Bill Jordan
President, North East Region Christina Minardi
President, Florida Region Juan Nuñez
President, Pacific Northwest Region Joe Rogoff
Please do not sell rabbit meat in any Whole Foods stores. Bunny rabbits are the 3rd most popular household pet in America. They are loving companion animals, who, just like dogs and cats, bond with their humans and mates for life! Rabbits have individual personalities, show affection, and want to be a part of the family. Regardless of how rabbits are raised, every breed is a domesticated pet that can be found at the Humane Society and at hundreds of rabbit rescues across the nation. Please move in the direction of compassion and realize these animals are pets, not food. Many of the animal lovers signing this petition have pledged not to shop at Whole Foods until you stop carrying rabbit meat in all of your stores!