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Stop selling Driscoll's Berries Products

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In recent years responsible supermarket chains have moved away from the buying low price produce, to purchasing conscious fair trade, healthier, organic goods that benefit both the consumer and the people who produce them. The grocery store Whole Foods has led the way in that arena and has publically stated that profiting off of the backs of exploited workers is against their core values. But until Whole Foods agrees to stop selling berries harvested by companies like Driscoll’s, that is exactly what it’s doing.

Just south of the US border, berry harvesters in the San Quintin Valley in Baja California are fighting for the most basic workers’ rights: to make a decent living wage, have access to water, paid days off, and healthcare. Currently they have none of these, and make an average of just $7 a day for 12 hours of backbreaking work.

Buyers like Driscoll’s profit from their cheap labor, and the berries end up on our kitchen tables. What can we do to help? We can stop purchasing “blood berries” and encourage supermarkets like Whole Foods to stop selling them, too.

I worked in the grocery industry for many years, but after leaving the industry I began to dedicate my time to fighting for immigrant and migrant workers’ rights. Just last March, 20,000 laborers went on strike in the San Quintin Valley -- after working for as little as $4 a day, watching their children drop out of school to work in the fields, and experiencing routine abuse by ranch hands, they had had enough. To show my support, I am providing striking farmworkers with food and water and helping to pressure retailers like Whole Foods, on this side of the border, to do the right thing.

No one who works so hard should suffer so much and, I think Whole Foods should take a stand against worker exploitation.

As an ex-regional manager for a large grocery store chain I know that Whole Foods has the power to pave the way toward fair working conditions for field laborers. That’s why I am asking Whole Foods join the fight for truly fair trade by refusing to purchase berries that come from Driscoll’s. Will you join me?

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