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Stop carrying Eden Foods products

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We're infuriated by the recent Hobby Lobby decision which may have incredibly far-reaching impacts, denying workers access to the basic health care required by the Affordable Care Act. But, as consumers, we have the power to impact some of the 71 other lawsuits- and businesses- that have filed suits with the same claims as the Hobby Lobby case. These businesses are putting their own partisan politics above the health and well-being of their employees.

As one of the first for-profit companies to file a 'Hobby Lobby-esque' lawsuit, Eden Foods is refusing to comply with the Affordable Care Act and cover employees' contraception. Eden Foods is denying basic health care to their employees' and employees' families.

While individual-level boycotting of Eden Foods may not have much of an impact, telling Whole Foods to stop carrying Eden Foods' products in their stores around the nation should have a much bigger effect. Let's seek out the best messenger to send this message to Eden Foods- and in this case, Whole Foods seems like the perfect fit. 

By executing our literal power of the purse, we can send a strong message as consumers, demanding Eden Foods drop their anti-contraceptive, anti-family, anti-woman lawsuit. Let's use Whole Foods' position at the top of the health food store pyramid to convey our disgust at Eden Foods' decision to deny employees basic health care.

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