Pull Waking Life Espresso's Flash Chilled Coffee Off The Shelves

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It has recently come to light that the owners of West Asheville coffee shop Waking Life Espresso have been publishing an online blog, twitter account, and podcasts chronicling their sexual exploits with women in our town, complete with a list Jared Rutledge compiled of every woman he's ever slept with with a score and description of the "conquest." There are a vast range of sexist, misogynistic, and racist posts from the Twitter account. The blog and twitter have since been deleted, but nothing is ever really deleted from the internet, now is it?

Archival blog posts can be find here, tweets and podcasts can be accessed here, and an article about the situation via can be found here. Jared's attempt at a statement later in the day after the article was spread shows admittance of guilt, and is so disingenuous he has the nerve to mention he "thought it would stay anonymous."

Our town does not support such people. This has been shown in the outcry of rage and hurt we have seen and by the people who gathered outside their place of business to protest. 

We are asking that you pull their products from your shelves and no longer support Waking Life Espresso in any way, shape, or form. They have lost the trust and support of their community through actions of their own, and we sincerely hope you feel the same. 


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