Standardize Safety Precautions for Grocery Workers during COVID-19

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During the peak spread of COVID-19 grocery workers and medical personnel are at the center of risks. This petition is to shed light on the risks grocery workers are facing while many other employers and schools have closed or switched to telecommuting. 

The CDC has recommended avoiding large crowds. Grocery stores are experiencing a huge influx of customer crowds. We must protect these low income workers.

Below are list of precautions all grocery retailers should be meeting and currently are failing to do so.

Please join our mission to demand standardized safety procedures for grocery workers, as they pertain to pandemic response. 

-reroute all cash transactions to be processed at self check out kiosks

-sanitize all self check out kiosks throughout the day at 1 hour intervals

-temporarily suspend all hot bar services or cafeteria "serve yourself" services at grocery stores

-dramatically reduce capacity of customers allowed inside the store at any given time, enforced with a security guard or other team member using a counter device to ensure safe social distancing

-temporarily shorten store hours to ensure employees get rest, have time to restock and have less contact with customers 

-temporarily close locations in the event that sanitizing wipes for shopping carts become unavailable, reopen when they're available again

-zero repercussions from MGMT for calling out, with or without confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis

-offer hazard pay to employees who are willing to come in and work with the public

-paid sick leave for all grocery workers, not only during a pandemic, include it in new policies

These measures may seem drastic to some, but low income workers deserve protections in times of national emergency. The precautions above would help contain the spread of this virus and could potentially prevent overcrowding of hospitals. 

When this petition reaches 200,000 signatures it will be presented to all major grocery retailers nationwide. 

Be well. Be safe.Take care of one another.