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Stop promoting the cattle industry

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Here at YEA! Youths' Equine Alliance we love Whole Foods Market because of the fresh, organic and healthy food they have there. That's why we were disappointed to see the "Values Matter" commercial (above) that promotes the cattle industry.

It is the idea that cattle grazing is good for the environment that we are most offended by. One sentence says the cattle are guaranteed "free to roam" and what the ad neglects to say is that in order for the cows to roam free, other species are removed or displaced.

The species that suffers the most from the cattle industry is our wild equids - horses and burros. Horses are native to North America. Most people agree that horses were reintroduced to our continent when the Spaniards came, but there is rock art depicting horses from much earlier times.

We admire that you want to ensure humane treatment of cattle. But we don't think that any industry should be allowed to take over public land and consume more than 80% of the forage at the expense of the native species and at the expense of unwitting taxpayers who subsidize the cattle grazing. 

We don't believe that supporting the cattle industry is inline with Whole Foods Market's core standards of sustainability and environmental responsibility. Please reconsider your marketing strategy and if you do insist on supporting the industry please offset the damage by supporting conservation efforts that allow the horses to be "free to roam" and help to lobby for the horses' freedom.

The horses don't have a voice. They don't have anyone lobbying for them. So it is up to us to be their voice and to let you know that having the cattle "free to roam" means that the horses and burros aren't.

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