#WhoCares4Environment - India ranks rock bottom

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It is a matter of shame and concern that India’s environmental care is among the worst in the world.

In the 2018 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) we rank abysmal 177, just above Congo, Bangladesh and Burundi.

The EPI report said that a low rank meant that a nation needed to step up its efforts in cleaning up air quality, protecting biodiversity and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and other cities have been experiencing air and water pollution. Like Mark Twain said about weather, everyone talks about pollution and nobody does anything about it.

While on the one hand we do not care about air quality, we as a nation destroy our natural heritage on the other.

We have been pointing out the massive, massive destruction of mangroves and hills in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Even government agencies such as JNPT and CIDCO are involved in this reckless degradation of environment.

Delhi has been fighting against air pollution due to burning of agri waste in bordering states and Bengaluru has been suffering due to the pollution of its lakes.

One wonders as to what is happening with our Swachh Bharat campaign. Are we not indulging in just cosmetic work? Does Swachh Bharat mean that politicians indulge only in photo-ops? Does clean India does not encompass Clean Environment?

There thousand of questions that arise in our minds and we continue to grope in the dark.

Through this petition, we call upon the Environment Minister and the entire Government of India machinery to act quickly and save the nation en environmental disaster.

We request the President of India to ensure that the government atcs.

- The NatureConnect.Com

- Shree Ekavira Aai Pratishtan (Mangrove Warrior)