The closure of the Wet Markets in China

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You and I are suffering (and have been for many years) because of a range of avoidable viruses and it is up to us to stand up and stop this once and for all.  We need the World Health Organisation and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) to put pressure on the Chinese government to close down all the wet markets in China and ban them forever. Here's why:

Many problems have arose because of COVID-19 - from school closures to economy stalls - there is not one person unaffected. There are many theories and beliefs on how this nightmare started, and one of the most suspected ones is the start from the wet markets which are found all over China. Whether or not the wet markets were really the start of COVID-19, they have certainly been responsible for the following viruses: 

  • Asian Flu in 1957-1958 from a mutation in wild ducks — at least 1.1 million dead
  • H5N1 Bird Flu in 1997 from Chinese geese — at least 455 dead   
  • SARS in 2002-2003 from wild animals from a wet market in the southern Guangdong Province — at least 774 dead   
  • H7N9 Bird Flu in 2013 from poultry at live bird market — about 610 dead
  • Novel Coronavirus/COVID-19 in 2019-present from wild animals (perhaps bats) in a wet market in Wuhan — 58,937 dead, and counting

The cages in which these animals are put in are stacked one over the other, which means that the animals at the bottom are soaked in a mixture of liquids such as animal excrement, pus, blood and any other liquid that comes from the animals above. This is how viruses are passed on from one animal to another. If the infected animals come into contact with humans or are consumed by humans then the virus is passed on. 

Today we have lost 70,798 innocent children, grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. If we allow wet markets to continue living then we will allow the birth of a more dangerous and uncontrollable virus which could have the power to wipe out humanity.