WHO should take 「Tobacco Harm Reduction」as a Tobacco Control strategy to achieve smokefree

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The latest WHO report supports regulating Vaping Taiwan THR expert: Health is a basic human right

While the international communities are still debating over banning or regulating vaping/ENDS, the latest report from the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2020 shows support for the regulations of vaping/ENDS. The United Nations (UN) also said “Raising vaping/ENDS tax and Protecting the people can bring a win-win situation for the government. "In response, Yu-Yang Wang(王郁揚), a Tobacco Harm Reduction expert in Taiwan said:" WHO declared "Health is a basic human right" on International Human Rights Day 2017. The WHO report stated that vaping should be regulated in order to protect public health, that’s why I initiated a petition on National Development Council to promote the goal for Smoke-Free Taiwan 2040. "

On May 31st, 2020 is World No Tobacco Day. This year, the theme of "protecting young people from tobacco industry manipulation and preventing them from using tobacco and nicotine" is a global anti-tobacco product sales plan. Foundation for a smoke-Free Taiwan(FSFT,無煙台灣基金會) stated that the definition of a smoke-free country is "the prevalence of cigarette smoking is less than 5% of the national population." New Zealand(Aotearoa) will reach the target on 2025, the United Kingdom by 2030, and Canada by 2035. FSFT hopes that Taiwan can reach it by 2040. For the goal of smoke-free Taiwan, we will continue to introduce information from the WHO, governments around the world, and Foundation for a Smoke-free World into Taiwan. We hope that TOBACCO HAZARDS PREVENTION ACT of Taiwan will be in line with international standards to protect the health of the people and children.

Taiwan Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (TTHRA,台灣菸草減害協會) stated that with the advancement of science and technology, tobacco harm reduction is a relatively new tobacco control strategy. TTHRA representing Taiwan joined the member of Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (CAPHRA) and also learning from European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates (ETHRA), the Korea Harm Reduction Association (KHRA) and Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association (ATHRA), by introducing international THR information into Taiwan, hoping to use Tobacco Harm Reduction strategy to strengthen the specific actions of tobacco control mechanism in Taiwan.

VAPE Taiwan Inc.(台灣威卜) stated that as Harm Reduction media based in Taiwan, we uphold neutral reports based on scientific evidence and quote internationally renowned media reports, such as CNN, BBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, VapingPost and VPSXL, hopes to let more Taiwanese people understand the latest trends and actions of international tobacco control. This time we are cooperating with ZECZEC on fundraising plan of "Promoting Smoke-Free Taiwan", which is to hope that more people will pay more attention to Taiwan tobacco control issue.

Yu-Yang Wang(王郁揚), Tobacco Harm Reduction expert in Taiwan, said "This report by the WHO Western Pacific Region Office (WHO WPRO) recommends that countries should regulate vaping/ENDS in order to protect public health. WHO also declared health as a Fundamental human rights. Therefore, I initiated the petition on the National Development Council to promote the goal for Smoke-Free Taiwan 2040. "