Ohio Companion Animal Advocates, the next time you check in your pet, check out your veterinarian's clinic.  Ask your vet when  the last time anyone from the state ever checked his clinic's protocols, record keeping, equipment, or hygiene.   Apparently the majority of veterinary clinics are never checked.  The state agency, the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board, charged with overseeing veterinarians' clinics, has no full time inspector on its payroll.  In Ohio, the Board of Health does not handle animals.  So the Board of Health does not ever inspect any veterinary hospitals, and the OVMLB has no steadily employed inspector.  

Moreover, according to a law passed in 1992 the OVMLB has to give the veterinary hospital five days written notice that it will be inspected. The inspections should be unannounced to get a true picture of the veterinary hospital.

In contrast, the Board of Health regularly inspects all types of premises.  In Ohio's Hamilton County  every gas station is inspected by the BOH once a year; every restaurant  two to four times a year;  each school and every beauty parlor,  twice a year;  all tatoo parlors, three times a year.  Every nursing home gets a team of several people who come once a year, unannounced and stay for about five full days on the premises.   Who checks on the record keeping, the protocols, and the hygiene of your veterinary clinic?  Apparently no one ever regularly checks the veterinary hospitals.

Please sign this petition to ask Governor Kasich and the Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board to institute regular, unannounced, random inspections of veterinary clinics, checking on  hygiene, protocols, equipment, and record keeping, and  to make the complaint process more open, transparent, and communication-friendly to the complainants.  These are reasonable requests. These procedures regularly occur in other Ohio state agencies, such as the Pharmaceutical and Dental Boards, and other states' Veterinary Licensing Boards.

Letter to
Governer of Ohio John Kasich
Governor of Ohio John Kasich
The OVMLB needs to have unannounced, random inspections of veterinary hospitals, like other states' veterinary boards do and like other Ohio agencies do. Right now there are no unannounced inspections. Last year there were only 12 inspections. In sharp contrast there are 6,200 licensed, Ohio veterinarians and vet techs. By 1992 law these premises were given five days written notice of the inspection. How is a true picture of the animal hospital seen with this protective law?


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