Whitsunday Council to approve rebates for reusable products

Whitsunday Council to approve rebates for reusable products

26 January 2021
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Whitsunday Council
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Why this petition matters

Started by Chloe Wilson

Did you know

- In 2020 the Whitsundays birthed 262 new babies?

- That equates to approximately 1,310,000 disposable nappies that will now be added to landfill 

- 1,310,000 disposable nappies averages around 201 tonnes of plastic waste decomposing(but not fully) in our landfill for up to 500 years. Not taking into account the packaging the nappies came in too

- At a cost of $1876+ per child, plus rate payers money for rubbish collection and disposal.

Now did you know 

- To do cloth nappies full time you only require 25 nappies at a cost new of $406.

- When well looked after, these nappies can be used used by multiple kids saving you a cost of $599.90 for one kid up to $2611.70 by time they are on the third.

- Cloth nappies are much kinder to the environment using just 13-40m2 of land for raw material per year per kid compared to 407-829m2 for disposables. 

- Cloth nappies are free from perfumes, dyes and chemicals which can cause skin reactions.or irritations.

As a tourist region with the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef at our door step. I would like to impose that our local Council follow in the footsteps of other Australian Councils and offer a rebate program for those wishing to undertake a more sustainable and environmental approach to parenthood. 

Although a long term saving, the initial outlay for cloth nappies can seem daunting for parents along with the other costs associated with parenthood such as prams, cots and car seats. This initial outlay can be the sole reason some parents turn to disposables.

A rebate program would help ease this burden, encourage a cleaner, greener Whitsundays and make cloth diapering available to a larger economic demographic.

I also impose the Council offers free educational seminars and workshops about cloth nappies. There are a number of individuals and businesses locally that would be happy to provide this service. 

Some examples of councils already offering incentives or rebates include Brisbane City Council, Cardinia Shire Council, City of Augusta Margaret River Council, City of Casey Council and City of Holdfast Bay Council. 


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Signatures: 161Next goal: 200
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