Whiting Way Access

Whiting Way Access

August 18, 2022
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Richard Stewart (Mayor of Coquitlam City)
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Why this petition matters

Started by christine coles

Coquitlam City has let the residents around Cottonwood Avenue and Whiting Way down by letting 9 construction projects within a 3 block area start at the same time. This is too much!  GIVE US OUR NEIGHBOURHOOD BACK! The residents of the area have endured:

  • Illegal construction noise outside regulation hours leaving residents to deal with the conflict. This includes workers making noise at 6am (drinking after work) AND construction companies working out of hours.
  • Closing of streets and no parking - the city has allowed construction companies to take up city streets, removing parking and access, leaving no space for the residents and their guests
  • Extended construction hours multiple times a week - subjecting residents to 90+ hours of construction noise a week.
  • The loss of safe and consistent access to buildings meaning handy dart, food deliveries and medical staff cannot access our residents.
  • Rude construction and flagging staff

It is no longer tolerable to live in this area. By closing Whiting Way Access the city has turned a 3 minute walk into a 15 minute walk which is impossible is you have mobility issues, a walker or a wheelchair due to broken and uneven sidewalks.


  1. The opening of Whiting Way Access - we demand access to the amenities we moved here to be close to including food, medicine, banks and public transport.
  2. no extended construction hours - residents have to endure 83 hours of construction with regular noise by-laws. If you work at home or work nights this is A LOT!
  3. Safe and consistent access to our buildings AT ALL TIMES meaning if the city gives a construction company permits to close the roads, they will make alternative access plans for residents. We deserve food deliveries and medical access to our homes AT ALL TIMES!
  4. By-law officers available outside of construction hours to deal with unlawful construction companies. Don't leave it to the residents to deal with the conflicts.



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Signatures: 398Next Goal: 500
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