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White Lake Police Department to take action: Prosecute the heartless man who beat an innocent dog, Duke, to death with a baseball bat.

A man (name unknown) has unjustifiably beaten an innocent dog, Duke to death with a baseball bat in White Lake, Michigan. The family dog was beaten repeatedly 25 times by a heartless man and walked away without being handcuffed. The White Lake police department need to do their job, or what is the morally right thing to do and put this crazed man behind bars. The man needs to go to jail and his pit bull, also innocent, needs to be given up for adoption to a good home. Yes, the pit bull was apart of the situation, but only with cause from the owner letting it happen. Duke was taken to a vet, but did not make it. The video below was taken right after the cruel incident and shows the suffering from Duke. Any action shouldn't even have to be determined by the results of the necropsy for the man to be taken to jail or not, it needs to happen regardless. The police need to do what is right and stand up for animals since they cannot do it for themselves. Please sign this petition and help put pressure on the police to put an abusive criminal in jail. The article and Facebook page below has more inforamtion. #JUSTICEFORDUKE

Contact the White Lake police department at 248-698-4404 or visit

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