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Close St Mary's Churchyard in Whitby over the Goth Weekends

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Whitby Goth Weekend was started by Jo Hampshire and a group of like minded music lovers, 22 years ago.
Now, besides the fabulous music events and alternative market, Whitby is inundated with thousands of people wanting to dress up and take photographs.
Unfortunately, despite pleas from the event organisers, and from St Mary's Church themselves, people are still disrespecting the graves of the ancestors of the Whitby residents, by using their graves as props for a cheap photo opportunity.

Not only is this disrespectful to the families and the church, it is giving goths a bad name, causing tension in the community for those who are goth all year round, not just for the weekend.

We are asking St Mary's church to close their churchyard for the goth weekend, to avoid the disrespect of the graves, damage to the grounds and publicity of the undesirable behaviour. A appointment system is suggested for those two days, for family and parish members to visit the church and graves of their loved ones in peace, without the area being made into a spectacle. 

Whitby is a beautiful town and there are plenty of places suitable for a photo opportunity which does not disrespect the wishes of residents and family members.

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