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Whirlpool Corporation honor your written product Warranty

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I purchased a new Whirlpool Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator MSRP of $2,500 in good faith that if something were to go wrong with the appliance, Whirlpool would fix the unit as applicable under their accompanying written Whirlpool Corporation Major Appliance Warranty for the duration of (1) year from date of purchase. However, this has not turned out to be the case at all.

As per their written Whirlpool Corporation Major Appliance Warranty “for (1) year from the date of purchase, when this major appliance is operated and maintained according to instructions attached to or furnished with the product, Whirlpool Corporation will pay for Factory Specified Parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship that existed when this major appliance was purchased. Service must be provided by a Whirlpool designated service company.”

My refrigerator was purchased on 10/27, delivered on 10/28, service repair performed by a Whirlpool designated service company on 11/30, 12/30, 1/9, 1/18, 2/9, 2/23, and a future appointment scheduled for 3/22. Whirlpool’s designated service company's notes from 2/9 specifically state that the refrigerator will not run and parts were ordered. Whirlpool’s designated service company returned on 2/23 for parts installation and noticed that other components of the appliance were not functioning properly and proceeded to call the "tech line" for support. After hours of troubleshooting and multiple failures to function properly, the service company deemed the refrigerator as unrepairable and clearly stated in their notes that the unit was not cooling, there is a manufacturing defect, restriction in the unit's seal system, and the unit needs to be replaced. I was instructed that the "tech line" would complete the ticket, send the information over to Whirlpool Corporation, and I would need to follow up with Whirlpool Customer Service to set up the delivery of a replacement and haul away of the nonworking defective refrigerator.

Furthermore, the company (manager Wanda at the TN office), had already promised to replace this unit if the service repair performed on 12/30 did not fix the unit, which the company has never honored and has since decided to recuse themselves of this promise made on behalf of their employee. In addition, this Whirlpool manger (Wanda at the TN office) even gave me her direct phone number and extension to follow up with her, after which she has never answered any of my (10) phone calls over a period of (3) weeks and never attempted to return a single voicemail that I left for her. Since the promise of a replacement refrigerator, I contacted Whirlpool on 12/30, 1/3, 1/16, 1/17, 1/19, 1/30, 2/20, 2/24, 2/28, 3/2, 3/9, 3/13, 3/15, 3/16, and 3/19 by phone, as well emailed them information they have requested on 2/20, 2/24, and 2/28.

Below, is verbatim of the last few Whirlpool Customer Service representatives that I have had correspondences with.

2/28 (Tabitha): I have sent in your information for the PEX (replacement unit) since I see here that your unit is unrepairable, someone will continue you within 24 to 48 hours to go over the PEX process with you.

3/2 (Brittany): I see we received your file on March 1st, however it was denied because the request was blank. Can I place you on hold on a moment. *After a long pause* I apologize for leaving you on hold so long, your records were listed under two different accounts on our end with one being linked by your phone number and another being linked by your address therefore all of your records have probably not been viewable. Upon further review of your information, our Whirlpool designated service company that performed service on 2/23 will have to call into the tech line to complete their notes before we can proceed. No, you cannot speak to a manager but if you wish to have a manager contact you one will do so within 24-48 hours. You cannot speak to a manager because at this time there is nothing they can do to assist you, unfortunately this process is moving along at its fastest place and there is nothing we more we can do for you at the moment. There is nothing that we can accept from you to speed this process along, even though your copy of the service company’s receipts include the statements of work from our designated service company. If you wish to escalate this matter you can write to Whirlpool Customer Relations Department at 553 Denson Road.

3/9 (Kia, supervisor): Although our designated service company may deem your unit unrepairable, Whirlpool has to deem your unit unrepairable for a replacement to be issued. At this time, Whirlpool does not deem your unit unrepairable. You will need to contact our designated service company and have them forward over your information. I am the highest level of supervision for the company and if you wish to escalate this you can write to Whirlpool Customer Relations Department, their mailing address was already provided to you previously. At this point our conversation is over, we will not be replacing the product as we do not determine it to be unrepairable. Thank you for calling Whirlpool, the information we have discussed will be documented. I am the highest level of management for the company, so your request to be transferred to management is denied. I am aware of everything you have said and I have documented this information, at this this time I am done discussing this with you and will now hang up the line.

This kind of Customer Service is not only discourteous but it is despicable in the upmost matter. This displays complete corruption in regards to the written warranties provided by Whirlpool Corporation that come with your Whirlpool product at the time of purchase. Currently as it stands on 3/20, my $2,500 valued Whirlpool Refrigerator is just under (5) months of the purchase date and has been deemed as having a significant manufacturing defect as well as needing replacement by Whirlpool’s designated service company that they hold a contract with. Yet, Whirlpool refuses to replace the unit and refuses to speak with me based on the ground that only their contractactually designated service company deems the refrigerator as unrepairable but they do not.  My refrigerator has not worked in weeks!!!!!!

**From reading the Whirlpool appliance product reviews online, I discovered that I am by far not the only consumer that has suffered from victimization of behalf of Whirlpool Corporation. I saw numerous consumers who had purchased the exact same product (matching model number) as me, had issues, and Whirlpool refused to assist them. Therefore, I think that we as consumers need to take a stance to stop these unethical practices of Whirlpool Corporation and demand that they honor their written warranty for their products. This company abuse and neglect of their consumers is absurd.

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